My Designer Birth

My husband and I recently welcomed our twin baby boys to the world.

It’s amazing, holding two babies, feeding two babies, loving on two babies.
But that’s not what I’m writing about today.

Photo Credit Virginia Lee Photography

After countless hours of working on birth plans, researching birth options for mono/di twins, I opted for a cesarean.  When we decided to choose a cesarean birth, I immediately had thoughts run through my head; the disappointment of friends who had an emergency c-section, the doula who told me that planning a cesarean is planning a “designer birth” (is that a bad thing?), and those who have said a cesarean is for those “too posh to push”.  Where did these people get off?  As a doula, I felt an obligation towards a natural vaginal birth, maybe even at home.  But, if I listened to my true self, I was completely happy with my decision to have a surgical birth this time.  I felt torn between my heart and a group of birth judges.  Well, guess what?

It’s my choice.

I met with my doctor who discussed all of my options, she applauded the educated decision upon which I had landed and she supported me, unconditionally.

And so it began, Cesarean Birth Planning!

Music, Aromatherapy, Positive-thinking.  These were all a part of the birth plan.  My doula was incredibly supportive and helped me to work through my fears and recognize that all of my doubts were really from others, and not from myself.  I was confident.  My partner was confident.

No one can judge your birth choices.  No one has the right to plant self-doubt in your mind or your body.  I believe that my cesarean birth was more empowering than my natural vaginal birth, and it’s because I was in charge.  I bonded beautifully with my babies and I am so thankful that I made the choices I did. 


Feel free to design your birth.  It is yours, afterall!

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