Demand More. Hustle Harder.

If you can’t pay your bills, HUSTLE HARDER.

If you are complaining about how you can’t work because daycare is too expensive, GET A SIDE GIG.  Find someone to co-op childcare so you can get a job.

living and a lifeI have huge plans for my family, so I needed to step our our game.  I decided to go with a company that has science backing it.

I decided to go with the thousands or people who have voted Rodan and Fields as the #1 skincare product in America.  That means it surpasses all the stuff you can buy in department stores, spas, and online.  That means that those skin care counters at the mall are falling behind.  So yeah, I feel pretty good about it.

rodan brick success meme.jpg

I’m excited to be building an empire.  We all have people that tell us we can’t.  We have people who throw bricks of hate at us.  Typically, it’s because they’re miserable in their own lives and project, but it still hurts.  So take all those bricks, build a foundation and grow an empire.

IT doesn’t matter how you do it, but I demand that YOU demand more for yourself.


If you think you need to know more about what I’m doing and how my empire is growing, join in.

I’ll bring you with me.